Thursday, 27 September 2012

Inspiration Award

Anneke received an inspiration award at school for "showing self discipline by being focused and on task every day" We are very proud of our Annie, who is in grade one this year. Way to go Anneke!!

 Up front at school assembly receiving her award!!!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Today Noah turned 2 years old!!!

He needed help blowing out the candles this year, and he had plenty of it from his Dad and siblings!!

Happy 2nd birthday buddy!!! We love you!!!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

a day like any other.....

When we give birth to our children, we mark the milestones, one month old...two months old...etc.   In adoption, we mark some extra milestones.   Six months ago, after a very long flight, we landed in Edmonton.  One very scared, unsure toddler, and his mom and dad.  We were so blessed to have a large group awaiting our arrival.  So many changes in Noah in these past six months home...all of them good. 

Friday, 7 September 2012

Her language of Love!!

Alida is probably our least talkative child, she can be very talkative when you get her alone.  But, in a group she can appear a little shy.  Alida has been blessed with a gift of serving, and as a mother, this in turn has been a  huge gift and help to me.  With five kids getting out the door every morning at 745, Alida is always there helping, with snacks, breakfast, backpacks, shoes, jackets and getting in the van.  She loves her family very much, and shows it.  She is a wonderful sister and daughter.  We love our Alida!!!!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

6 months in our arms!!!

Noah trying on hats at the Alberta Provincial Museum in August 2012.
Getting a good picture for our adoption documents.

Noah's first home, the Zhoukou Social Welfare Institute.
Six months really is not a long time in our lives; yet, for our family, these past six months have been packed with many new things.  Getting a new little brother, not as a newborn, but, as a busy toddler.  A mom and dad, who had to help their son to trust them, to help him know the love of a family, which means so many different things.  But most of all this six months have been HUGE changes for our Noah, more than we will ever know.  To go from living in an institution, to living in a home, to go from living in China to Canada, which in itself includes language, culture, food etc.
Noah is blossoming!!!   We love our Noah so much!!!!  Hard to believe, that over six months ago, he was not part of our lives!!!!
Happy six months Mr. N!!!