Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The big Day we have all been waiting for

 Noah, only nine months old, right after his cleft lip surgery.(in Zhoukou,Henan)
Tomorow at 7am Noah will be in surgery.  We arrive at the hospital at 6am, which is great, as we are first in line for surgery, so prayerfully no delays.  Please keep our sweet Noah in your prayers.

Monday, 28 May 2012

The leaders of the pack!!!

I am always so thankful for my two oldest girls, Kiah and Alida.  These young ladies are wonderful big sisters, and wonderful daughters.
Kiah was confirmed yesterday, and such a loving child of God inside and out.
she received her first communion from her Uncle Sye which made it extra special, and has been instruced these last three years by the most amazing teacher I have ever met..who also happens to be a good friend..thank you Kathy and Sye.
Alida took the many pictures yesterday, we just love having our own personal paparazzi around!!
Kiah sewed her own dress for confirmation.  She is a girl who is truly talented in some lost arts!  She also has been learning to knit!!

Alida has the gift of serving.  She truly helps her mom so much!   I feel so blessed to have her!

Noah and I spent almost five hours at the stollery today.  He will be getting tubes in his ears and some dental work done while under on Thursday.  We are back wed. for some more pre-surgery appts.  We spent a few hours at the hospital on Friday.  My heart goes out to parents of children who are in the hospital frequently. 
Noah was a trooper, he did well in speech therapy, his social and non verbal communication are right on track.  Hopefully after his palate is repaired, and he has regained full hearing, his speech will also improve.  I have no doubt it will.  The speech therapist at the cleft lip and palate clinic is great!!

Friday, 25 May 2012

Under the bridge....

Well today we had pre-admin for Noah's surgery next went well..except for asking to be in the recovery room on Noah waking up.  I guess the nurses do not like parents in the room.  I did explain it is crucial for my attatchment with Noah, and by not allowing me to be with him when he wakes up, may set us back.  Noah, trusts me whole heartedly at home.  At home, it is mommy or bust...but away from is daddy or bust.  The frequent wakings in the middle of the night, make me believe his is still has some insecure attatchment to us, which is not suprising, since he has been home only a little over two months.  I have to be with him at each waking, or he cries, which can be frequent before 10pm.  He also,  needs me(or Kevin) to be facing him when we sleep, or he climbs on us looking deep into our eyes. He also likes to sleep in my arms, which does not give me the best sleep, or him, as he is restless.  I know with time, and as he becomes more secure in his attatchment to us, that these things will subside.  Kevin and I have been very deliberate in our bonding with my mom always says, I wish we knew 35 years ago what you know now.
Noah is loving and gives lots of affection...we will see how the hugging goes with arm splints on for three weeks.  The anesthesiologist commented that Noah is quite old for cleft palate surgery and will be an owly bear...I have no doubt, I would be too with a sore mouth, nothing but baby food, and arm splints to boot.

The name of the blog...I will let the video do the talking


Thursday, 24 May 2012

My Rainbow Life

Maybe not a rainbow, colour coded would be a better word to describe the days of the Leicht household.  Being a mother of five is very busy...I guess I was fooling myself thinking that five would be no busier than four.
So tomorrow our schedule is busy...and I have to laugh...
615am Alida at school for field trip
825 and 835 school starts for Kiah and Anneke
830 till 10 Micah has Physio at the stollery Children's Hospital
1015 drop Micah at school
1125 Anneke is done school
1200 to 1245 Anneke has Speech therapy at the Uof A
1pm to 3pm Noah pre op at the pre admin clinic for stollery
245 kiah is done school
330-530 eye appts for the k,a, and m so Micah has to be pulled from school early (Kiah is looking at getting contacts-pretty exciting)
730-10 youth for Kiah and Alida(if she has enough energy after her all day field trip)
745 Alida is back from field trip
Now grant you, all of our days are not like this...but they are full...

funny, I have never been the super organized, betty crocker mom, tiger mom...I have always been the Mr. Dressup...10 ingredients or less kind of mom..
But, yet, my kids flourish...not under perfection...but under a loving mom who lives under Grace and the freedom that comes with it!!!!

Long Weekend Pictures

 cutting the lawn with our littlest man of the house!!

 our first Theraplay appointment, for the boys, but everyone is having fun!!
 finally getting to painting the garage door...great job Alida!!
At Aunty Debra's house, playing with a cool toy!!

Our beautiful, bright God-daughter,  after her questioning for confirmation.  We love you Julianna!!
Julianna getting ready for a run....she is one of the most athletic kiddo's I know(sorry, Julianna, I mean young lady:)   Without her even knowing it...she inspires!!!!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

2 months home

It is hard to believe that two months have passed since we have brought our little bundle of trouble  joy home.  Noah is thriving in so many ways.  I love to see his little spongy brain take in the world around him.  Noah seems to be responding well to his thyroid medication, and is able to concentrate on a toy for a few minutes.  where as before he would bounce around destroying things for 12 hours straight, leaving mom exhausted and sometimes a little teary.
Noah loves his mommy and is a typical toddler following mom around, wanting to be held, and he loves when daddy gets home, running to the door to greet him.
He loves his sisters and brother.  The brothers had a bit rougher start, but thanks to some creative story writing and a big brother jar...things are moving along much smoother now.
On another note, the weather has been fantastic...
and we have been enjoying it!!!!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

If only you knew

I want you to know...he is beautiful...he has the most contagious laugh...he is smart and catches on quickly.  He likes to help with everything.and he likes to get into everything....he loves to get his face wet in the tub, and splash up a storm.  He also loves being outside..and eating the dirt..just like I did when I was little.  He loves cookies from the store,but really is not sure about apples.  He wakes up in the night, making sure we are there..and then settles back to sleep.  And he is starting to love to read books....even if sometimes he likes to rip the paper.
Mother's Day is this Sunday...and although I do not think they celebrate Mother's Day in China..I will be thinking of you.  How scared you must have been.  I know you live in a province where there is much poverty.  And I know that you probably delivered him at  home..and you never really had a choice.  Why was your baby missing part of his mouth and nose? I know, because ten years ago, I too was scared...scared of the future for my son, and what it held.  I had support, that I know you never had.
I know you had no support, and probably a sense of hopelessness..and that makes me sad...I wish you knew he is beautiful.  He will ask "why?" and even though no answer is perfect...I really think I do know why.
I hope someday things will change in China, and we can come and find you...and tell you. He is good.  He is happy, healthy, and loved.  But, until that happens, I pray for you often, hoping you know peace, that only God can give.
Thank you for Noah, our son is beautiful. Happy Mother's Day!