Wednesday, 29 February 2012

In 7.5 hours we leave....and

I am going to miss my kiddos terribly. Hugged them a little longer. Extra kisses, extra stories. Being reassured by people that they will be fine, is all good, but it does not change that I love my kids sooooo much, and it will be hard.

On the other hand, they have been waiting a long time for their little brother, so these two weeks, are waiting for them not only for mom and dad to come home. But, a new brother to cuddle, hug and love, to play with(and to boss around--hmmm hmmm, I will not mention any names-Annie-here)

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Words of Comfort

My cousin Charissa sent a very moving message to me today. God speaks to us all, in our circumstances, whatever they may be. God is faithful, and in all of my worries, stress, excitement, joy...He is never changing

Thank you Charissa :)

"I am who I am...The Lord this is my name forever, the name which I am to be remembered from generation to generation.
Exodus 3:14-15

Let ME (God) remind you who I AM. Each of my names comes with a promise that will give you comfort and hope.

Your heavenly Father...who loves you perfectly.
Your Creator...the author of new beginnings.
Your Counselor...who will help you in every difficulty.
Your Provider...who will supply all your needs.
Your Savior...who forgives and accepts you.
Your Shelter...who hides you in the palm of MY hand.
Your Redeemer...who salvages your life from the pit.
Your Healer...who binds up your wounds.
Your Comforter...who understands your hurt.
Your Strength...when you feel weak.
Your Peace when life seems overwhelming.
The Faithful One...who will never leave you; I am with you always.
The God who hears...every prayer of your heart.
I AM the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

There are no surprises for God; Ho goes before you into every tomorrow. Today's promise of I AM is also tomorrow's promise of I will be. The One you trust for eternity is the One who promises to hold you securely today. His perfect love for you was demonstrated on the cross: "perfect love drives out fear"(1John 4:18) Day by day release your fears to Him at the foot of the cross.

I said to the man at the gate of the year. "Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown." And he replied: "Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of God. That shall be to you better than light and safer than a known way.
M.L Haskins

Monday, 27 February 2012

To Kayak to China? or not to Kayak to China? that is the question

Wow, we are 15 589 km away from our Noah(more or less, he is in Zhoukou), soon we will be 0km away from Noah(that makes me so happy) but 15, 589km away from our other four kiddos. By the way, we will not be kayaking across the pacific ocean(I would have some fab arms after that though) my Kayaking trecks with Anna are not enough for the 4500km treck. I would by whining about 4km in, and Kevin would just get tired of that, and wish we had flown.

15,589 km, 37 days 0 hours

Driving directions to Beijing, China 3D
This route has tolls.
This route includes a ferry.

49 Greenoch Crescent NW
Edmonton, AB T6L 1W6
1. Head northeast on Greenoch Crescent NW
10 m
2. Turn right to stay on Greenoch Crescent NW
160 m
3. Turn left onto 40 Ave NW
170 m
4. Turn left onto 50 St NW
1.3 km
5. Turn left onto the Whitemud Drive W ramp
450 m
6. Merge onto AB-14 W
5.3 km
7. Continue onto Alberta 16 State Hwy N
13.0 km
8. Take the AB-216 N/Anthony Henday Drive exit toward Jasper
1.0 km
9. Merge onto Anthony Henday Dr/Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ Hwy/AB-216 N/Alberta 16 State Hwy N
Continue to follow Anthony Henday Dr/AB-216 N
6.4 km
10. Take the AB-16 W/Trans Canada Highway/Yellowhead Trail ramp to Jasper
450 m
11. Merge onto Yellowhead Trail W/Yellowhead Highway W
Continue to follow Yellowhead Highway W
452 km
12. Slight left onto Southern Yellowhead Hwy/BC-5 S (signs for Yellowhead Highway S/Valemount/Kamloops)
338 km
13. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Trans Canada Highway/BC-1 W/Cache Creek/Vancouver/BC-5 S and merge onto BC-1 W/BC-5 S/BC-97 N
Continue to follow BC-5 S
198 km
14. Continue onto BC-3 W
6.3 km
15. Continue onto BC-1 W
78.1 km
16. Take exit 92 for TransCanada Highway/British Columbia 11 toward Mission/USA Border
450 m
17. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for BC-11 S/Sumas/USA
44 m
18. Turn left onto Sumas Way/BC-11 S
3.7 km
19. Continue onto WA-9 S/Cherry St/Harrison Ave/State Route 9 S
Continue to follow WA-9 S/State Route 9 S
6.8 km
20. Turn left onto WA-9 S/Nooksack Rd/State Route 9 S
5.2 km
21. Turn left onto E Columbia St/Nooksack Rd/State Route 9 S
95 m
22. Take the 1st right onto WA-9 S/Nooksack Rd/State Route 9 S
Continue to follow WA-9 S/State Route 9 S
10.1 km
23. At the traffic circle, take the 1st exit onto WA-542/Mt Baker Hwy
Continue to follow WA-542
16.1 km
24. Take the ramp onto I-5 S
137 km
25. Take exit 169 toward NE 45th St
1.0 km
26. Merge onto 5th Ave NE
71 m
27. Turn right onto NE 45th St
1.0 km
28. Turn left onto Wallingford Ave N
1.5 km
29. Turn right onto N 34th St
90 m
30. Take the 1st left onto Densmore Ave N
130 m
31. Turn right onto N Northlake Way
86 m
32. Kayak across the Pacific Ocean
4,436 km
33. Continue straight
170 m
34. Turn left onto Kuilima Dr
800 m
35. Take the 3rd right onto HI-83 W
19.9 km
36. Continue straight onto HI-99 S/Kamehameha Hwy
10.5 km
37. Slight left onto HI-80 S/Kamehameha Hwy
Continue to follow Kamehameha Hwy
3.3 km
38. Take the Interstate H-2 S ramp to Honolulu
240 m
39. Merge onto I-H-2 S
12.8 km
40. Merge onto I-H-1 E
7.5 km
41. Take exit 13B toward Halawa Hts. Stadium
450 m
42. Merge onto I-H-201 E
6.6 km
43. Merge onto I-H-1 E
6.6 km
44. Take exit 23 for Punahou St toward Waikiki/Manoa
260 m
45. Turn right onto Punahou St
240 m
46. Take the 1st right onto S Beretania St
160 m
47. Take the 1st left onto Kalakaua Ave
3.0 km
48. Kayak across the Pacific Ocean
6,243 km
49. Turn left toward 県道275号線
650 m
50. Turn left toward 県道275号線
110 m
51. Turn left toward 県道275号線
260 m
52. Turn right onto 県道275号線
160 m
53. Turn left onto 国道125号線
150 m
54. Turn right onto 県道24号線
1.0 km
55. Turn left at 千束町(交差点) onto 国道354号線
3.3 km
56. Turn right at 中村陸橋下(交差点) to stay on 国道354号線
1.6 km
57. Take the ramp to 常磐自動車道
Toll road
450 m
58. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for 東京 and merge onto 常磐自動車道
Toll road
38.3 km
59. Take exit 三郷JCT on the right toward 首都高・銀座・湾岸線
Toll road
1.2 km
60. Merge onto 首都高速6号三郷線
Toll road
9.4 km
61. Take exit 小菅JCT toward 湾岸線・銀座
Toll road
500 m
62. Merge onto 首都高速中央環状線
Toll road
650 m
63. Take exit 堀切JCT on the right toward 銀座
Toll road
500 m
64. Merge onto 首都高速6号向島線
Toll road
8.7 km
65. Take exit 江戸橋JCT on the right toward 神田橋・北池袋
Toll road
600 m
66. Merge onto 首都高速都心環状線
Toll road
6.2 km
67. Take exit 谷町JCT on the right toward 東名・渋谷
Toll road
450 m
68. Merge onto 首都高速3号渋谷線
Toll road
11.1 km
69. Continue onto 東名高速道路
Toll road
304 km
70. Take exit 豊田JCT toward 東海環状・伊勢湾岸道・豊田東出口・土岐JCT・四日市・新名神
Toll road
550 m
71. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for 伊勢湾岸道・四日市・新名神 and merge onto 伊勢湾岸自動車道
Toll road
31.8 km
72. Take the ramp onto 伊勢湾岸自動車道
Toll road
19.5 km
73. Take exit 四日市JCT on the right toward 東名阪道・大阪・伊勢道
Toll road
900 m
74. Merge onto 東名阪自動車道
Toll road
22.2 km
75. Take exit 亀山JCT toward 新名神・京都・大阪
Toll road
900 m
76. Merge onto 新名神高速道路
Toll road
49.8 km
77. Take exit 草津JCT toward 草津PA・名神・京滋・京都・大阪
Toll road
300 m
78. Take exit 草津PA on the right toward 名神
Toll road
800 m
79. Merge onto 名神高速道路
Toll road
48.5 km
80. Take exit 吹田JCT toward 中国道・山陽道・宝塚・岡山
Toll road
1.8 km
81. Merge onto 中国自動車道
Toll road
30.3 km
82. Take exit 神戸JCT toward 山陽道・岡山・徳島
Toll road
1.4 km
83. Merge onto 山陽自動車道
Toll road
309 km
84. Take exit 廿日市JCT on the right toward 山陽道・岩国・北九州
Toll road
1.4 km
85. Merge onto 広島岩国道路
Toll road
11.7 km
86. Take the ramp onto 山陽自動車道
Toll road
95.3 km
87. Take exit 山口JCT on the right toward 中国道・下関・北九州
Toll road
1.3 km
88. Merge onto 中国自動車道
Toll road
64.1 km
89. Continue onto 関門橋
Toll road
9.5 km
90. Continue onto 九州自動車道 (signs for 九州道・福岡・熊本)
Toll road
346 km
91. Take exit 高速鹿児島IC toward 鹿児島出口・南九州道・川内・伊集院
Toll road
300 m
92. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for 川内・伊集院・南九州道 and merge onto 国道3号線
Partial toll road
700 m
93. Take exit 鹿児島西I.C on the right toward 南九州道
Toll road
600 m
94. Merge onto 南九州西回り自動車道(市来~鹿児島西)/鹿児島道路
Toll road
20.4 km
95. Take the ramp to 国道3号線
Partial toll road
1.4 km
96. Turn left at 市来I.C入口(交差点) onto 国道3号線 (signs for 川内・串木野)
7.2 km
97. Turn left at 串木野駅(交差点) onto 県道38号線
1.7 km
98. Turn right
350 m
99. Turn left
180 m
100. Turn left
110 m
101. Take the 串木野~里~中甑~鹿島~長浜 ferry
Partial toll road
64.9 km
102. Turn left toward 県道349号線
53 m
103. Turn right toward 県道349号線
57 m
104. Turn left onto 県道349号線
8.6 km
105. Turn right to stay on 県道349号線
1.9 km
106. Turn left onto 県道350号線
3.4 km
107. Jet ski across the Pacific Ocean
782 km
108. Continue straight onto 塘后支路
400 m
109. Turn right onto 塘后路
500 m
110. Turn left onto 双城路
1.1 km
111. Turn right onto 永清路
1.1 km
112. Turn left onto 宝杨路
500 m
113. Slight right to stay on 宝杨路
550 m
114. Take the 2nd right onto 同济路
1.7 km
115. Turn left onto 富锦路
450 m
116. Take the ramp on the left onto G1501上海绕城高速
Partial toll road
23.2 km
117. Take exit G15/宁波/南通 toward G15沈海高速
Toll road
350 m
118. Keep right at the fork and merge onto G15沈海高速
Toll road
461 km
119. Take exit G25/临沂/连云港港口 toward G25长深高速
Toll road
400 m
120. Take exit 临沂 on the left to merge onto G25长深高速
Toll road
24.1 km
121. Take exit 班庄/黑林/临沂 on the left
Partial toll road
1.1 km
122. Turn left toward 327国道
1.5 km
123. Take the 1st right toward 327国道
230 m
124. Continue straight onto 327国道
Partial toll road
31.9 km
125. Slight left to stay on 327国道
1.3 km
126. Slight right to stay on 327国道
Partial toll road
23.2 km
127. Continue onto 沂河路
8.5 km
128. Take the ramp to G2京沪高速
Partial toll road
400 m
129. Keep right at the fork and merge onto G2京沪高速
Toll road
161 km
130. Take the exit on the left onto S29滨莱高速
Toll road
132 km
131. Continue onto G25长深高速
Toll road
43.4 km
132. Merge onto G18荣乌高速
Toll road
187 km
133. Merge onto G3京台高速
Toll road
48.8 km
134. Take the exit onto S30京津高速
Toll road
8.9 km
135. Continue onto 京津高速
Partial toll road
39.2 km
136. Take exit 东五环/G1 to merge onto S50东五环
3.2 km
137. Take exit G1/东四环 to merge onto G1京哈高速
4.9 km
138. Take exit 东四环/十八里店桥/四惠桥 toward 东四环南路
350 m
139. Take exit 东四环北/四惠桥 to merge onto 东四环南路
1.5 km
140. Continue onto 东四环中路
2.2 km
141. Take exit 国贸桥/京通快速/东三环/东五环/通州 toward 103国道/京通快速路
160 m
142. Keep left at the fork and merge onto 103国道/京通快速路
Continue to follow 103国道
4.0 km
143. At 祁家园, continue onto 建国门外大街
1.2 km
144. Continue onto 建国门内大街
1.6 km
145. Turn right at 东单 onto 东单北大街
240 m
146. Make a U-turn at 东单三条东口
260 m
147. At 东单, continue onto 崇文门内大街
700 m
148. Turn right onto 东交民巷
1.0 km
149. Turn right at 东交民巷口::正义路口 onto 正义路
190 m


Saturday, 25 February 2012

What exactly will we be doing in China?

As the day draw close for us to leave, I am posting our itinerary. Kevin and I have not stopped working around the house to be able to get excited yet. I think we will relax and get excited once we are sitting on the plane with nothing to do. The plane ride will be our first date in a long time. We are looking forward to reading and watching movies on the way to Beijing. I am guessing by the 10th hour that will get old, but right now, it just seems, well, relaxing.
The kiddos seem ok with us leaving. So, that makes me feel better and at peace. We have an amazing support system while we are gone. And we are so grateful for the people who have supported us in so many ways. Thank you!!

Our Itinerary
March 1 fly out
March 2 arrive Beiijing
March 5 fly to henan
recieve Noah and civil affairs office
March 6 family picture
notarization of documents
March 7 Adiministration activities
March 8 recieve child's documentation and passport
March 9 fly back to Beijing
March 10 children's pictures in hotel, group picture, assembling of documents for Canadian Embassy
Beijing zoo
March 11 The Great Wall
Jade Factory, Cloisonne Factory, Olympic 2008 grounds
March 12 Children's Medical Examination
The summer Palace, the silk factory
March 13 The pearl Market
the indoor Market
March 14 Tieneman Square
Forbidden City
Recieve Child's Canadian Document
Good-bye China/Birthday party
March 15 Depart for home
March 15 arrive home

Thursday, 23 February 2012

We only accept VISA...

to get into China that is...happy to say we got our Chinese Visa's today, with one week before lift off, it is nice to be fully paper to pack...the wheelchair..the meds..our stuff...

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I will not lose the paperwork...I will not lose the paperwork

I heard the stories about those crazy parents who obsessed about not forgetting the paperwork, but, now I just get it.
Paperwork I have to bring-passport(of course)
5 copies of our passports
5 copies of our visas
notice of travelling to china for adoption(no TA=no baby)
6 copies of our TA
permanent resident application part 2

Documents we get in China that we cannot lose
Noah's Chinese passport
adoption certificate
the adoption order
Noah's birth certificate
Noah's statement of abandonment
Permanent Resident status.

Here is the quote from travel notes-should I be laughing or crying "lose your passport-the hyper-friendly staff at the Canadian embassy will get you home. Lose your child's passport and he stays."
"Lose the adoption order or birth certificate and your child will never become a Canadian citizen. You'll be bringing alphabet books and noodle soup in the dim evenings to a church basement for the rest of your life."

aaarrrgghhh...I am sure that we will not lose any of these documents...but just the thought of not being able to bring your child home because you lose a piece of paper makes my stomach a little squeamish.

Monday, 20 February 2012

2 weeks

till I kiss your cheeks, till I look into your eyes, till I count your fingers and your toes. Till, we begin to teach you the love of a mommy and daddy. two weeks...

Saturday, 18 February 2012

where's waldo, umm, I mean where's the ninja

this cute little ninja, was my older brothers chosen decoration for our adoption shower for Noah. So I have decided that Ninja will be accompanying us to China. perhaps you will see him in some photo's in the future ;)

can you see him now?

Thursday, 16 February 2012

when my parents went to China, my mom and dad gave to me....

lots of stuff, that I did not neeeeeed.....

To help pass the time while we are gone, the kids get a gift to open every day. Anneke is very excited about the presents..and is almost looking forward to us leaving so she can open her present every day.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Waiting for Noah

While I may be busy with paperwork, and Kevin is busy with work. Noah's brother and sisters are waiting also. They have been waiting on the dream of a brother, and than the reality of a referral with a picture of their brother, and now with anticipation the arrival of their little brother. Micah, talks about Noah every day. He is so excited to have a little brother(he is wearing his new big brother shirt from my good friend Traci)
Noah has so much love waiting for we will help him learn what a mom and dad are...what a brother and sisters are..and what the love of a family is!!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My girls on valentines day(and the boy who ran away)

It was valentines day, so the two youngers wore red, Micah was in the shot, but ran away quickly before I took the pic, and refused to come back-needless to say, he did look handsome. Kiah looked so beautiful in her dress, she was told by her friends she looked elegant. Her beautiful outside matches her beautiful inside. Alida was planning on dressing up by wearing blue jeans without rips. We were happy she put on a pair of dress pants with a shawl, she is a cutey.

Monday, 13 February 2012


See that cute guy in the red outfit, with that fantastic crown, that's our guy. My goodness, he has grown so much since our last photos of him. 2 weeks 6 days till we get to kiss those cheeks. I ache to kiss them....

Surprise Adoption Shower - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

My sister Shar, told me she had an appointment booked for her and I before I head out to China. So, I was thinking pedicure. She pulls into a restaraunt(where our family has many wonderful memories) and tells me we are going for desert. We walk in, and into a room beautifully decorated, and many wonderful friends for a Adoption Shower. I was touched beyond words, and had a wonderful to follow :)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Give me An A

Alida was in her first cheer competition yesterday. This is a pic my friend Glenda took with her daughter Abby and Alida. Both girls were wonderful to watch!! Alida loves the tumbling and flips, and has been a very dedicated cheerleader. Way to Go Alida!!!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

3rd and Final care packaget

This is the last care package that Noah will be receiving in a few days, with a large cake to share with his friends at his orphanage. If we get some photos of him, I promise to share :)

It came, it came, it came-hooray-I know longer feel insane

Our sponsorship papers arrived today, let me tell you what a HUGE relief that is. As soon as I opened the envelope, I got excited to go to China, before this, I have just been feeling anxious. Thank you God!!!!!!

Friday, 3 February 2012

1 year 4 months 2 weeks and 5 days

That is how long it has been since we officially started our adoption journey.

11 years, since we first started talking about adopting from China.

95 days since we first saw your beautiful face.

30 days till we can kiss your beautiful face.

these days, seem the hardest, waiting for you!! We love you and are praying for you, our sweet Noah